Kara McGaharan

Account Director


Email Kara McGaharan +1 419.724.7338

Kara excels at her position because she builds great relationships with her clients. “I work to earn their trust,” she said. “That begins with identifying problems they may not know they have and then providing solutions to those problems.”

“My goal is to take marketing tasks – and stress – off each client’s plate, so they have more time in their day to focus on what they do best.”

Kara graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She majored in marketing.

While working as a marketing manager at UT’s Federal Credit Union, Kara won the CAMEO Award at the annual Card Services for Credit Unions conference. She received the CAMEO for “the most innovative and resourceful card campaign” after making UTFCU’s card programs more profitable.

“Since I came from the client side, I understand the pressures that my clients face. So, I stay on top of what needs to get done on their behalf,” said Kara. “I love when a client tells me how nice it is to have someone in their corner; someone helping them succeed.”

Kara enjoys traveling and playing golf with her husband.