Building a New Brand from the Ground Up

DAK’s Market is a shopping/convenience destination with locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Each store offers gasoline, snacks and a variety of dine-in and grab-and-go meals made fresh for visitors. As a startup company, DAK’s needed every aspect of their brand developed and implemented from scratch. MadAveGroup became their one-stop marketing shop in 2022.


DAK’s Market


DAK’s Market had only recently launched when they became our client. They needed a partner to help them create their entire brand identity, from marketing and content creation to design work and website development.

We also identified several concerns. In addition to being a new and unknown brand, DAK’s utilized minimal community outreach within its smaller markets. Their menus were inconsistent, their leadership was uncertain of how to approach their marketing and brand identity, and their social media presence was barely established.


  • We began by identifying the fundamentals of what a DAK’s Market is. We catalogued their menu, studied each location’s environment, analyzed fuel sales and tracked transaction frequency and the number/type of items being purchased.
  • Using data gathered from the c-store/gas station industries, we identified metrics that would impact growth for DAK’s, including competition, market size, food consumption rates and basket sizes.
  • By analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we assembled a marketing plan for DAK’s that included a series of goals, development stages, in-depth strategies and tactics for successful growth.
  • We clarified the target audience for DAK’s to better tailor their marketing content.
  • Creating the entire DAK’s brand involved multiple steps. We began by developing their brand purpose/proposition and establishing their positioning, promise, personality and identity as a company. We then designed multiple logos and graphics, including their main logo, their mascot DAK the Dog, and an additional logo for their spinoff brand Cuppa Coffee. Our design team also created their in-store signage, material related to their DAK’s Rewards Loyalty app, and continues to design supplemental marketing items as needed.
  • Our marketing team provides business strategy, development and consultation to the DAK’s team.
  • Our digital design team created an updated website with new images and copy that fit within the brand personality and identity we’d helped them establish. We continue to manage and update the website as needed.
  • In addition to their website, we also began running their digital marketing efforts. These included local listings, organic social media and paid advertising.
  • To help each store engage with their community, we created and helped plan holiday events, including a children’s art contest for Halloween. We also continue to plan, write and record periodic radio ad campaigns tied to agreements with local sports teams and events.
  • Our copywriting team also began providing overhead announcements to promote deals, upcoming events, special menu items and the DAK’s Rewards Loyalty app. The ads are tailored to each location and regularly updated to keep the listening experience fresh. Additional copywriting includes website updates and press releases for DAK’s and KLAS Motorsports.
  • We established a goal to increase DAK’s total average ticket size by 5%. Between January and September of 2023, that goal was more than doubled to 13%.
  • We also measured their QSR transactions during the same January to September window of 2023. Our team recorded 73,410 transactions, an 81.24% year-over-year increase from 2022’s 40,505 transactions during the same 9-month period.

Services Provided

  • Marketing Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation, Marketing and Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Radio Campaigns
  • Overhead Production