A Marketing Compass for Elevating Customer Experience

State Bank is a financial institution with locations in Ohio, Indiana and southeast Michigan. In 2017, their leaders asked us for help establishing structure and processes within their marketing department.


State Bank


State Bank needed help to increase their market share, enhance their digital presence and determine how to best support their community.


The MadAve Marketing Management team created a marketing plan with detailed strategies and tactics to provide the structure for State Bank’s marketing initiatives and internal processes. The plan also included a marketing budget and calendar to keep the client focused on meeting their goals.

We proposed creating a high-performance culture by implementing regular staff training, incentive programs, performance-based compensation plans and employee surveys. We also suggested sharing key performance information with all team members so they would understand how their performance impacts the company’s goals.

To enhance the customer experience State Bank delivers, we recommended visually appealing displays, a signature scent, simpler offices, employee training and a signature item such as a branded piece of chocolate to welcome customers. We suggested that they actively solicit testimonials and reviews to be used to gain new business and to learn of opportunities for improvement.

We noted that their caller experience could be improved by reinforcing the bank’s brand promise via professionally produced automated content.

To acquire new customers and cross-sell to existing clients, we recommended a direct mail campaign targeted at their ideal demographic.

State Bank was also aware that their digital presence wasn’t as strong as it could be. We proposed updating their website and optimizing its SEO, improving the mobile app, defining a clear social media strategy and capitalizing on public relations opportunities to generate attention and new business.

We also recommended that they add radio and billboards to their marketing channels and further develop their efforts in existing channels, while delivering on their company promise of “sound advice.” Suggested tactics included short videos and informational seminars.

Because the client has individual business lines, we proposed that each division have its own content marketing strategy and incorporate automated marketing, social media, personal emails and hard copy handouts.

Community involvement is important to the client. We created a budget and recommended various tactics to expand their support of local organizations, including participating in large-scale events, maintaining a community partner level of advertising in every market and soliciting speaking opportunities.

Services Provided

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Plan
  • Caller Experience Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Digital Advertising (PPC)
  • Content Creation and Design
"April has become an important member of our team. She brings our marketing plans to life, coordinating resources from diverse groups, both internal and external, keeping everyone organized and on-track. As the pace of our work becomes increasingly demanding, she never misses a beat - a true demonstration of her commitment to the American Frame brand."
- Laura Jajko, President, American Frame