Unifying a School District

Sylvania Schools is a district in northwest Ohio with seven elementary schools, three junior high schools and two senior high schools. The district became a MadAve Marketing Management client in the spring of 2021. A new superintendent had recently joined the district and wanted to encourage more community and alumni engagement.

Sylvania Schools

Sylvania Schools

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The school district wanted to unify the internal and external communication strategies. One individual managed the district’s communication department, so each school had a different approach to disseminating information to staff and parents. Some schools produced weekly and monthly newsletters, while others didn’t create communication materials.

The client also wanted to highlight student accomplishments and activities to garner community engagement and support. They emphasized placing value on levy support and donations to school programs, particularly from alumni and snowbirds who live in the district.


We proposed a marketing strategy that included components to address the client’s desire for a cohesive and consistent communication strategy among all the schools. We also hoped to boost the community’s perception of the school district by improving external communication.

Our strategic plan is designed to be proactive and reactive, providing topics and articles relevant to stakeholders across the district. That includes engaging local media to promote new programs, success stories and events.

The MadAve Marketing Management team proposed strengthening the superintendent’s internal and external outreach with quarterly community forums to survey and interact with appropriate stakeholders. A Superintendent’s Blog would be published twice a month to address current and upcoming district events and relevant topics.

Community outreach is an essential piece of Sylvania Schools’ marketing program. Potential events include a district-wide kick-off event for faculty, staff and the Board of Education. The strategy also capitalizes on the Northview-Southview rivalry by hosting a pep rally in downtown Sylvania.

The digital marketing elements include video creation to promote district initiatives, programs and staff and student achievements. We also plan to optimize the client’s website with ADA compliance and increased SEO.

We proposed a revamped approach to social media to encourage two-way communication with district stakeholders, boost awareness and build community relationships. Social media platforms also highlight information such as Sylvania history, awards and honors, college and career opportunities, and upcoming events.

Our team created a marketing calendar to present a specific timeline for each proposed strategy by category, including general marketing efforts, videography, events and digital marketing. The calendar would include bi-weekly analyses that suggest when each tactic should be implemented.

Sylvania Schools Case Study
"April has become an important member of our team. She brings our marketing plans to life, coordinating resources from diverse groups, both internal and external, keeping everyone organized and on-track. As the pace of our work becomes increasingly demanding, she never misses a beat - a true demonstration of her commitment to the American Frame brand."
- Laura Jajko, President, American Frame

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