Enhancing and Modernizing a Brand

Tiffin Scenic designs, manufactures and installs theater, stage, athletic and performance rigging. That’s the infrastructure and equipment that’s used to move lighting, scenery and curtains. In 2020, they reached out to us for help with their marketing.


Tiffin Scenic


Tiffin Scenic wanted to improve their online presence and enhance engagement with prospects and customers. They had never implemented any formal marketing activities before working with us.


The MadAve Marketing Management team developed a two-phase marketing plan for Tiffin Scenic. It included detailed strategies and tactics to strengthen the company’s brand, voice and presence within the industry, as well as engage and educate their target audience. We also helped them define their sales process.

Phase One

To update the brand, we proposed re-designing their logos, defining brand guidelines, updating all collateral to reflect the new brand identity and voice, and establishing key talking points to communicate their unique selling perspective, brand promise and company story.

We noted that the sales team’s efforts had room for improvement. So, we recommended elevating their level of activity and effectiveness through training, improved processes, an incentive program and individual coaching. We also proposed a new brochure to start and/or deepen conversations with prospects.

To enhance the client’s online presence and gather leads, we suggested several digital marketing strategies, including Google ads, pay-per-click advertising, social media and a content strategy for all marketing channels. We suggested building a new website to accurately reflect the updated brand identity, then improving the site’s rankings and boosting the number of organic visitors.

We also recommended creating a content library of photos and videos to show the company’s quality of work, customization and level of expertise. And we proposed actively soliciting testimonials and reviews to be used in marketing content.

Phase Two

To better network with their target audience, we advised Tiffin Scenic’s leaders to participate in organizations that their ideal prospects had already joined. We suggested that their team attend relevant trade shows and events. And we proposed building an automated marketing system to capture data and deliver a more personalized experience for prospects who take certain actions on the website or in emails.

Business partnerships are important to Tiffin Scenic. So, we proposed developing mutually beneficial relationships with organizations in their industry.

To stay connected to prospects and customers and enhance those relationships, we recommended a monthly email program and investing in a Client Relationship Management software to improve data structure.

We also suggested creating case studies to showcase top success stories and implementing ROI tracking to understand the performance of their marketing efforts.

Tiffin Scenic chose to implement the new marketing plan we developed for them using their in-house team.

Services Provided

  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Plan
  • Website Development
  • Content Creation and Design
"April has become an important member of our team. She brings our marketing plans to life, coordinating resources from diverse groups, both internal and external, keeping everyone organized and on-track. As the pace of our work becomes increasingly demanding, she never misses a beat - a true demonstration of her commitment to the American Frame brand."
- Laura Jajko, President, American Frame