Mike Rankin

Marketing Manager


Email Mike Rankin +1 419.724.7357

“There’s so much advertising everywhere we look that it’s easy to ignore it,” said Mike. “The content that goes against the grain is often what cuts through the noise and stands out. Delivering a direct, concise message is a key element of successful marketing, but unique, entertaining and even funny messages can put more eyes on a brand.”

Mike earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Toledo. Before joining the MadAveGroup team in January 2022, he worked in and with a variety of industries, including entertainment, information sciences and services, food service and product packaging.

“I value the trust my clients have in me to provide effective marketing strategies. I view their wins and losses as my own wins and losses, so I always want to push them to the next level.”

Mike and his wife Taylor have two kids. He’s a big fan of Cleveland baseball, and he loves going to concerts, collecting vinyl and periodically learning to play the guitar.

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